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Nicoletti - Donna Liss - Instructions for use

  • If you feel you have fragile hair*, wash your hair with any shampoo, wring it out and apply a mask/treatment that you leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse and dry without brushing. (Hair can be left slightly damp to facilitate product application)
*if your hair is healthy, you can skip this step
    • Apply the product with aApplicator brush and take care to saturate the hair well.
    • Leave the product on ... the break time is generally 40 minutes, but it will of course be adapted according to the condition of the hair, the more difficult and thick they are, the longer you leave on, the more fragile they are. , and the less you will let the product act.
    • Rinse the hair until the water runs clear.
    • Dry the hair using a hair dryer, no need to blow-dry.
    • Separate the hair into several sections, iron on thin strands between 10 and 30 times at a temperature of 230°C to 250°C


    Blond hair: 10 passages maximum at 190°C

    Normal and colored hair: 215°C - 230°C

    resistant hair: 230°C



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