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Nao Chore Mais - Borabella - Instructions

  • Wash the hair 2 to 3 times with the clarifying shampoo and leave on ideally for 2 to 3 minutes.


  • Rinse and remove excess water with a towel, dry your hair if you wish, but it is quite possible to apply the product on damp hair as on dry hair.


  • Shake the Phase 2 bottle well


  • Apply phase 2 with a brush strand by strand 0.5cm from the scalp. It takes very little, so do not hesitate to comb the locks to remove the excess product and apply it to the next lock.


  • Leave the product to act for 40 to 90 minutes depending on the condition of the hair, 40 minutes for wavy, discolored or fragile hair, 60 minutes on curly hair, 90 minutes on very curly hair.


  • Half-rinse your hair to leave product in it and dry it without necessarily blow-drying it perfectly.


  • The effects of the Glory range:15 to 25 times on very fine locks.


  • The heat of the straightener should be between190° and 230° degrees depending on the condition of your hair:

Healthy hair: 230°C Slightly damaged hair: 210°C Weakened hair: 190°C


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