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Le soin pour de beaux cheveux!

Hair Botox: The treatment for beautiful hair!

Hair Botox: everything you need to know about this miraculous new treatment!



Botox is usually likened to cosmetic surgery procedures to fill in wrinkles and signs of aging on the face. However, it is also used for the hair, to give them a youthful look and repair them in depth. A little less known, botox is also available in hair care to be carried out in a hairdressing salon or at home!



Hair Botox: care for beautiful hair!!


- What is hair botox?

The hair "botox" does not actually have much in common with its cousin that is injected into the face, except for the active ingredients it contains. Its name refers above all to the "rejuvenation" effect it brings, but that's where it ends.

Formulabased on keratin and amino acids, the alternative for the hair has the same goal: to give a youthful look to tired hair. Nothing to do with the surgical act, this care does not have an irremediable aspect and does not come in the form of injections. If you are afraid of needles, the hair version should not scare you!

This product aims to repair the fiber in depth, to restore shine,avoid hair loss(or treat it) and rejuvenate tired hair

The treatment formulated with keratin (as for the Brazilian smoothing)and amino acids, moisturizes the hair, densifies it, restores shine and shine. Stronger, they will grow back faster and healthier. In short, a real rejuvenating treatment for the hair!


- Who is Hair Botox made for?

If you subject your hair to daily straightening or drying, it may show signs of weakness after a while. If repeated masks don't do anything (or even oils), it may be time to think about an in-depth and more robust treatment to avoid losing your hair!

Hair botox is indicated for all types of hair, and for all people whosehair is very damaged, very dry, which may have been extremely weakened by repeated coloring, bleaching, straightening or straightening, the sun or even chlorine. In short for all hair in distress!


- How does a hair botox treatment work?

Now it is quite simple to do the treatment yourself or with a friend, just follow the protocol for using the product:

  • We first start by thoroughly cleaning the hair to allow it to be prepared and to optimize the effects of the treatment with a clarifying shampoo (or with a shower gel which is also free of silicone and is just as good as a degreaser)
  • The product will be applied strand by strand so that the care is well distributed
  • Then it's off for a fairly long exposure time under a heated helmet to multiply the effects and allow the hair to soak up the product as much as possible.
  • The hair is then dried or straightened for an impeccable result.

The benefits will be visible for about 2 months but you must leave a period of at least 3 months before repeating the experience. Even if this treatment is miraculous, you will not be able to abuse it either!


- How much does a hair Botox treatment cost?

Being a treatment carried out by a professional, which lasts several hours, it will be necessary to pay on average a hundred euros according to the salons to benefit from a hair botox treatment.

Recently, it is completely possible to do it at home. The value for money is absolutely not negligible since the one kilo jar is generally worth between 60 and 120€ and little, depending on the hair, has a usefulness of at least 15 applications minimum.

You want to let yourself be tempted by this experience, here is <<all the products we offer>>we have selected the best products on the market, let yourself be seduced by this treatment, you will not be disappointed!

A little pleasure to treat yourself to from time to time or simply to save hair in distress!



Hair Botox: care for beautiful hair!!

Botox Onix Liss Bio performance 1kg, tames frizz, restores shine and softness to the most damaged hair

Hair Botox: care for beautiful hair!!


Botox organic capillary BTTX4.0from the vogue Cosmetics range, eliminates frizz, restores shine and softness to the hair.


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