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  • CCRP.1:

Rinse the hair thoroughly with plenty of water after the bleaching process or wash it with the shampoo in the kit
Remove excess water with a towel
Align the strands of hair using a comb
Apply section to section only on hair that needs it CCRP.1
Let the CCRP.1 act for 5 to 20 minutes depending on the needs of the hair.
Rinse 100% with water

  • CCRP.2:

Apply wick to wick CCRP.2 in all hair
Leave the product to act between 5 and 25 minutes depending on the needs of the hair fiber
Rinse 100% with water

  • CCRP.3:

Apply the CCRP.3 in the palms of the hands and spread it over the entire mane
If you want or need to hydrate even more, you can repeat the process
Do not rinse finalize with a brushing

  • Or for the power dose after each color

Mix in a bowl:
5ml of body1, 10ml of ccrp2 with 5ml of ccrp3
Mix well and apply on hair that has been bleached Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with clear water
You can apply the patina


Follow the recommendations for use very well
Keep the product out of the reach of children
Store in a cool place
Do not apply if the scalp is irritated
Suspend use if you notice any allergies
Avoid contact with the eye area