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Nous vous aidons à y voir plus clair!

We help you see more clearly!

We help you see more clearly!

These are two completely different techniques:

– The straightening is permanent and stiffens the hair, apart from the regrowth to be treated so that the texture of your hair is uniform, it modifies the molecular structure of the hair, weakens it and dehydrates it.

– Brazilian Straightening is seen more as a treatment since it is based on keratin.
it cares for, smoothes, restructures, strengthens, hydrates, protects and makes hair shiny for up to 4 months

- Brazilian smoothings are more commonly called "classic smoothings".

They were the first generation of smoothing and contained for the most part formaldehyde (fixing agent with a rather irritating vapor) - Their duration can go up to 4 months if well maintained

- Organic smoothings do not contain formalin because it is a much more recent technology which uses less harmful components to relax and maintain smoothings - Their duration can go up to 6 months if well maintained.

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The answer will be a resounding NO!!!

The organic appellation is certified and supervised byThe organic label of the European Union which is a quality label certifying that a marketed product complies with the European Union regulation on organic farming.

Mixing organic and non-organic products is tolerated under certain conditions, the first of which stipulates that processed products must contain at least 95% organic ingredients

In the components on the back of the bottles, you will see for yourself that the remaining 5% will be LARGELY exceeded.
You will certainly have understood it, it is only a marketing term to surf the wave of organic, because yes organic sells... so let's sell!!!

Taninoplasty is an organic smoothing based on tannin.

Tannin is an acidused in this technology as a smoothing agent.

For example, it is used to remove rust from affected surfaces.

Can you imagine putting a powerful, biting acid on damaged, dry hair? You will dry it out even more or at worst you will burn it!!!

This is why during its protocol of use it is well stipulated to rinse the product after a judiciously controlled pause time.

We offer products studied with the aim of prolonging your smoothing as much as possible.

Indeed, these are sodium-free products that are recommended for this but not only....
Shampoos and masks sold in supermarkets are not that adequate.

Yes they will not contain sulphate, but will contain other components that will alter your straightening

Unfortunately yes if you have touched the scalp with the product.

It is recommended to stay 0.5 or even 1cm from the scalp

If you are sensitive, do not hesitate to carry out an allergy test beforehand on a part of your body 48 hours before your smoothing. If you want to know the result on a wick. Do a test wick before doing the whole head, this will allow you to know the final result as for a coloring.

ATTENTION the product must not come into contact with the scalp or the skin. This could cause allergic reactions, irritation, flaking or dandruff or even slight hair loss on sensitive scalps.

If you have applied a classic straightening or an organic straightening, it will generally fade after several months. You will have regrowth around 3 months, so you will have the roots to treat.
Ideally a coloring is to be done before your straightening. Organic smoothing tends to lighten by one or two tones.

Unfortunately vegetable colorings such as henna coat the hair and smoothings are difficult to take. However, it all depends on the quality of your henna, some fade after 3-4 months others are still there after several years.

To find out what it is, we advise you to do a test on a wick.

One hair is not another. Your hair history is not the same, the condition of your hair is not the same, your texture is not the same. The power of straightening, if it is too strong, can give excellent results on healthy hair and completely dry out damaged hair.

If there are several smoothings on the market, it is not for nothing. Some are focused on care, others on smoothing, another on volume reduction...etc....

If your hair is damaged, we will favor a more caring straightening which is much less aggressive. The most powerful are much too biting and are not recommended at all, otherwise hello to the damage...

Then it all depends on your expectations, some who do not have a lot of volume will want to keep it, while others on the contrary will want to reduce it.

There are also those who want to keep a little undulation and not completely steep.

An advisor remains at your disposal if you wish to be referred.

Divide the hair into 4 parts to prepare them to receive the treatment

Without heat to activate the relaxation of your hair, you will always have undulations. These are thermo-active smoothing, so there is no need to get out of the shower and hope that they remain completely smooth in the open air.

If, despite this, you find that your hair is badly relaxed, your straightener must have been defective.

We do not recommend straightening with formalin because the fumes are toxic.

As for organic straightening, you can do it without any worries.

(Same advice for breastfeeding women or children under 15)

Smoothing is done with dry heat. If there is no water tank connected there is no problem.

Just avoid humid heat

No, it's not obligatory, but you won't get the climax result.

You will lose 5 to 20% of the final result

Absolutely not, it won't change anything.

Absolutely, if it's not suited to your hair type and it's far too powerful and therefore aggressive, it will be. You will certainly not realize it at the time, but over the shampoos you will find that they look drier, a straw effect. In this case, apart from redirecting you to a botox to recover this, there will not be much to do.

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Vanessa - April 19, 2021

Genial merci pour l’eclairssicement

Alici - April 19, 2021

Bonjour pouvais vous me conseiller entre deux marque svp.jhesite entre le frenchs gold et le donna liss organic ..quels différence entre les deux ? Sachant que je souhaiterais vraiment un résultat raideeeee à 100% compatible avec cheveux boucles crépus Merci

Deborah - October 24, 2020

Super, j’ai beaucoup appris :)

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