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  • STEP 1 :
  • Wash the hair 1 to 2 times with the Clarifying shampoo (Step 1)
  • Leave on for a few minutes, rinse
  • Towel dry the hair then dry it with the hair dryer.
  • Do not brush or untangle the hair as this closes the cuticles.
  • Divide the hair into 4 parts to prepare them to receive the treatment.


  • 2ND STEP :
  • Put on protective gloves and make sure your room is not well ventilated
  • Shake the bottle and pour the product into the bowl. (Step 2)
  • Work on strands 3 cm wide and 2 cm thick starting at the nape of the neck.
  • Leave us your opinion on this product... to the tip, kneading well
  • No need to put a lot, it will weigh down your hair and give a cardboard effect
  • Pass a fine comb several times for a good distribution of the product and remove the surplus so that you can put it back on the next wick.
  • Leave the product to act between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the degree of curliness.


  • STEP 3:
  • Dry the hair 100% using the dryer and the brush in order to discipline the hair which you will then divide into 4 sections (no need to blow-dry)
  • To seal the product in the hair, smooth each strand 0.5cm thick with a hair straightener.
  • Start at the nape of the neck and pass the straightening iron at 220°10 to 15 times by locks from root to tip with the same intensity.
  • Do not rinse the product for at least 24 hours (48 hours being the optimal duration) by ironing the straightener every day in order to optimize the result of your Brazilian straightening.